12 Fun Places to Take Your Dog in Northern Virginia

12 Fun Places to Take Your Dog in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia is a great place for pet lovers because exciting adventures are always around the corner for you and your pup. From pet-friendly wineries, shopping malls, and historical landmarks to fun cruises, you can visit many pet-friendly places in Northern Virginia. Whatever piques your interest and that of your four-legged best friend, Northern Virginia’s rich history, diverse attractions, breathtaking landscapes, and varied culture contain, there is something for every pet parent. So, here are some fun places you can take your dog in Northern Virginia and even have some fun of your own.

Alexandria’s Footsteps of the Past Walking Tours

Get to know Alexandria better by taking a walking tour with your dog on Alexandria’s Footsteps of the Past Walking Tours. It’s an excellent way to immerse yourself in the history of Northern Virginia and Alexandria. Listen to great storytellers and learn more about over 200 years of the town’s history and key historical figures like George Washington and Robert E. Lee. After that, indulge your taste buds at Chadwicks, one of the best pet-friendly restaurants in Alexandria.

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

If you’ve always wanted to tour Mount Vernon, this is an excellent opportunity. Tour the ground of George Washington’s estate with your dog. The estate allows pets during daytime visitation hours. Your dog can keep you company while visiting George Washington’s tomb, gardens, stables, and many other outdoor spaces within the estate. From there, get to enjoy the view of the Potomac River at the dog-friendly piazza.

National Mall 

If you are in for some games, running, and picnics with your dog, the National Mall can offer just that. Bordered by the Washington Memorial, Capital Building, and the Smithsonian Institution, the National Mall is a great place to walk, picnic, and play a game of frisbee with your dog. However, ensure that your dog is leashed.

Torpedo Factory Art Center

Founded in 1974, this dog-friendly art studio has the largest collection of working artists. There are all kinds of art for you and your dog to view, from ceramics, paintings, stained glass, jewelry, printmaking, sculptures, and fiber. It will be an experience worth remembering, especially if you are an art enthusiast.

Jones Point Park

The Jones Point Park is located on the Potomac River. The park is among the critical pieces of history featuring Virginia’s last remaining riverine lighthouse. Pets must be cleaned after and on a leash no longer than six feet during your visit. There are water fountains, a dog drinking bowl and restrooms underneath the bridge, and trash bins so you can clean up after your dog. The park is open daily from 6 am to 10 pm.

Potomac Riverboat Company Canine Cruises

This is a fun activity that your dog will surely enjoy. Head out for a 45-minute cruise on one of Potomac Riverboat Company’s Canine Cruises around the Alexandria Seaport in the company of other dogs and pet-lovers. Your dog can socialize with other dogs on board. The company even permits dog treats on board. Only one dog is allowed per passenger, and the dog must be leashed all the time on a leash no longer than 6 feet.

Lost Boy Cider

This dog-friendly Cider in Northern Virginia allows up to two dogs per visitor as long as the dog is leashed, vaccinated, and licensed. There is no cider or food consumption for dogs, however.

Bull Run Regional Park

Located in Centreville, Bull Run Regional Park has a natural surface path that your dog will enjoy. The trail is about 3.4 miles, so your dog is sure to get some exercise. The woods, creeks, and wildlife are a sight to behold, not to mention the 12 Fun Places to Take Your Dog in Northern Virginiahistorical sites that will keep you entertained as you spend quality time with your dog. The park flourishes in the spring with all the greenery and in the fall when the leaves change color. It’s one of the best places to spend time with your dog when you want some time away from the house.

Scott’s Run Nature Preserve

This 300-plus acre nature reserve has so many dog-friendly trails, many of which are covered with trees to protect you from the beating sun. The trees create this beautiful ambiance that will make you want to stay there for longer. The trail has a natural surface your dog will love walking on and is part of the Potomac Gorge, one of the rarest mid-Atlantic biological ecosystems offering plenty of new creatures and sights your dog will love exploring. Scott’s Run also borders a river where your dog can splash around as you enjoy the calming sense of comfort and serenity.

Hemlock Overlook Regional Park

Located just outside Clifton, the Hemlock Overlook Regional Park has a beautiful, well-maintained trail and striking scenery. Hemlock Park gives you the feeling of being in the woods thanks to all the woods, creeks, and wildlife you will encounter as you follow the trail. The park is not as busy as other parks, making it a great place to hang out when you want a quiet place to walk with your pup.

Great Falls Park

We can’t talk about fun places to take your dog in Northern Virginia without mentioning Great Falls Park. It is one of the best attractions in Northern Virginia, bringing people from all over to view the falls. The park trails at Great Falls Park are some of the best in Northern Virginia but ensure you choose the right trail since there is a trail that doesn’t permit dogs.

DC Military Tours

Well, this is not a place per se. It is a dog-friendly tour company in Northern Virginia that you and your dog will surely enjoy. Take a well-deserved stroll through Old Town Alexandria, learning more about its history from a resident historian. The company offers tours every day except on major public holidays. And the best thing; you can tailor the tour to meet your needs, so you and your pup enjoy it even more.

Dog Distraction Training in Northern Virginia 

Parks, nature trails, art centers, and shopping malls are great ways of spending quality time with your dog. And Northern Virginia is not short of fun places to visit with your pup, as you have seen. However, while you may want to spend all the time outside, your dog needs to be able to handle all the distractions that come with visiting all these fun places. Ideally, most dogs don’t handle distractions well and may get distracted, lose focus and fail to remain in one place, which can turn into a disaster. You might encounter thrill-chasers, other dogs, and people when visiting some of these places. If a dog is not well trained, he won’t be able to concentrate on only you when outside.

professional dog trainer can help get your dog to a point where they learn to ignore distractions around them. Through obedience training with distractions, your dog will learn to ignore all kinds of distractions, whether on a hiking trail, shopping mall, or a boat cruise. Off Leash K9 Training, a top-rated dog training company has the best dog trainers and training facilities in Northern Virginia. And the best thing is that all training is done leash-free so your dog can enjoy the freedom of not being on a leash all the time while maintaining military dog-like discipline. Get in touch with Off Leash K9 Training today if you want a 100% obedient, 100% off-leash, and 100% distraction-proof dog you can take anywhere with you.

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