Best Dog Daycares in Northern Virginia – Our Top 7

Best Dog Daycares in Northern Virginia – Top 7

A dog is just another family member, and just like you would treat any other member of your family, you want to ensure their best care. But sometimes it’s just not possible, especially when you have to be away for a long time. If you don’t have anyone who can stay with your dog for the time you’ll be away, dog daycare can save your day. A dog daycare also makes sense when you have a demanding job or other commitments that make it impossible to dedicate time for your pup. Dogs are social Best Dog Daycares in Northern Virginiacreatures who need play and socialization. A dog daycare lets you drop off your dog when you cannot watch them. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top dog daycares in Northern Virginia for when you need help with your pup.

A Dog’s Day Out in Northern Virginia

A Dog’s Day Out is among the top facilities providing daycare services. The facility offers cage-free daycare services so your dog can play freely with other dogs without the restriction of a cage. Your dog socializes and interacts with other dogs in spacious small, medium and large daycare spaces. Dogs are separated by size and placed in climate-controlled areas. What makes A Dog’s Day Out stand out is the provision of daycare passes that don’t expire. The only thing they ask for is that you drop off your dog by noon.

Rover Dog Daycare in Northern Virginia

Rover makes it to the list of the best dog daycares in Northern Virginia because of their unique service. Their network includes pet sitters who are readily available to care for your dog when you can’t care for them as you would like. Rovers works by connecting dog owners with sitters through an app or online, but it doesn’t end there. Once you choose a sitter, you can meet with them before making a booking to determine if they are the best to take care of your furry friend. Rover provides services to all dogs, including special needs dogs and high-energy puppies.

Affectionate Pet Care

Affectionate Pet Care is a dog care facility located in Fairfax, VA. They provide cage-free pet boarding with services that range from daycare, training, dog walking, pet transport, and grooming. They also offer special daycare services for workdays and vacation breaks. Affectionate Pet Care provides individualized care where dogs are separated by size and temperament. Their dedicated staff encourages good behavior in your dog with positive reinforcement.


Dogtopia is a top dog facility and one of the best dog daycares in Northern Virginia. Why? Dogtopia understands that your dog is social, so they integrate lots of play into a dog’s routine. At Dogtopia, your dog will enjoy up to 10 hours of playtime in climate-controlled rooms and groups of their size. Rather than just dropping off your dog and picking them up later on, you can keep tabs on your pup through a webcam throughout the day.

Capitol Canine Club

Capitol Canine Club has provided dog daycare services for over four decades. They ensure that your dog keeps moving and socializing but with downtime. All dogs are taken for walks outside before and after playing. During walks, a trainer takes time to instill basic training and manners in your dog. At midday, the dogs are allowed a much-needed nap time to recuperate for a fun-filled afternoon.

Dog Tales Daycare

Dog Tales Daycare stands out among the best dog daycares in Northern Virginia. Their services include daycare, overnight boarding, training, and dog birthday parties. They also provide extra services like more walks, massages, special treats, and grooming. You can also keep tabs on your dog through a live dog webcam throughout the day.

Fur Get Me Not

Fur Get Me Not has a massive 4,000-square-foot playroom so your dog can run, slide, jump and play as much as they want. Located in Arlington, Fur Get Me Not was founded in 2000. The dogs are divided into playgroups depending on personality and size. All dogs also play in safe, positively reinforcing spaces depending on their size, age, and physical needs.

Determining If a Dog Daycare Is Right for Your Dog

Exercise, engagement, and mental stimulation are why you might opt for a dog daycare. However, not all dogs thrive in daycare facilities. For instance, dogs that have issues interacting with other dogs are not the best candidates for dog daycares. At most daycare facilities, dogs get separated by size, age, and personality. If your dog already exhibits aggression towards other dogs or people, you need to go back to training.

One of the best dog training companies in Northern Virginia is Off Leash K9 Training. We have top-notch training facilities and experienced trainers who will provide one-on-one training to your dog. A good program for dogs with aggression or reactivity issues is an 8-week aggressive dog training that involves basic obedience training and other additional lessons so that your dog gets used to different scenarios, including daycare scenarios.

We also have an advanced obedience training program that equips your pup with basic obedience skills while teaching them manners. The last thing you want is a dog who can’t play well with others when you drop them off at one of these dog daycares in Northern Virginia. Contact us today for a free consultation for basic and aggressive dog training.



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