Best Animal Shelters in Northern Virginia – See Our Top 5

Best Animal Shelters in Northern VirginiaBest Animal Shelters in Northern Virginia – Top 5

So many animals end up in shelter homes, not because of their fault but the owner’s circumstances. Changing jobs, moving houses, getting a new baby, or divorce make dog ownership a challenge for many dog owners. When that happens, the owner has no choice but to take their beloved pet to a rescue shelter. It, therefore, makes sense to go to a rescue home first for dog adoption. So many dogs need rehoming, and Northern Virginia has plenty of those. The following are the best animal shelters in Northern Virginia.

Animal Welfare League of Arlington 

Established in 1944, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington is committed to improving the welfare of abused, neglected, and stray animals in Northern Virginia. 1n 1946, the League entered into a contract with Arlington County that led to the financing of a new shelter. Under the agreement, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington agreed to responsibilities like picking up dead and injured animals from the streets, holding lost animals until owners are located, and offering treatment to sick and wounded animals.

Fairfax County Animal Shelter of Northern Virginia

The Fairfax County Animal Shelter is one of the best animal shelters in Northern Virginia because it is the only open-access, multiple animal shelter in Fairfax County. The shelter opens its doors to about 5,000 animals in need of homes every year. It is a haven for dogs, cats, and other small animals before they find a forever home. The shelter offers services like adoption, holding lost pets until the owners are located, vaccination, spaying, and neutering.

Homeless Animals Rescue Team of Northern Virginia

Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART) was established in 1990 to help rehome unwanted and abused dogs and cats. HART works with local foster homes, veterinarians, kennels, and professional dog trainers to provide temporary housing, appropriate training, and medical care for rescued animals until they find new homes. Homeless Animals Rescue Shelter takes in sick, old, and injured animals and readily adoptable animals, including puppies and kittens.

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue of Northern Virginia

The Lucky Dog Animal Rescue was established in 2009 as a volunteer-driven non-profit. The shelter rescues about 125 dogs every month from high kill and overcrowded shelters and works to find them great forever homes. As one of the best animal shelters in Northern Virginia, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue focuses on matching dogs with suitable adopters. Since they don’t Best Animal Shelters in Northern Virginiahave a physical location, the dogs live in doggie daycare or with the volunteer fosters for a while. The feedback they get is what they use to rehome the animals.

Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation 

The Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation was established in 2001 by a small group of volunteers whose sole purpose was to help homeless animals. The foundation saves dogs and cats from the threat of euthanasia in high-risk situations and overcrowded shelters and places them for adoption. They offer same-day adoption followed by a two-week trial period. All the pets are neutered, spayed, and vaccinated before the adoption happens.

Dog Adoption Tips: Bringing Home a Rescue

Bringing a new dog home is always challenging, especially for a new dog owner.  Most animal shelters in Northern Virginia will do everything to ensure the adoption is as successful as possible. It is up to you to ensure that the dog has everything they need to thrive in your home. Establishing good habits from the first day lays a good foundation for a lifetime of happiness for you and your rescue pup.

Proper training is the best way to incorporate a rescue dog into your life, and that’s where professional dog training comes in. One of the best dog training companies in the US you can rely on is Off Leash K9 Training. Our training helps dog owners transition smoothly from adopting a rescue to living with them full time. This is whoever, only possible through consistent training. Off Leash K9 Training focuses on obedience training, aggression training, confidence building, and structure training as your new rescue dog becomes part of your family.

Our obedience training teaches your dog basic commands like come, sit, down, door manners, greeting manners, and meal manners when off-leash. Obedience training is one of the most important things you have to do when getting a new dog. We also have an 8-week aggression dog training program. The 8-week program includes basic obedience training and other additional lessons to give you and your new dog the tools, skills, and desensitization necessary to make them comfortable in a new environment.

We also do confidence-building training for rescue dogs. One of the challenges that most rescue dog owners face is an anxious dog or one with separation issues because they were not socialized as puppies. A professional trainer works with your dog through a board and train program to regain the confidence lost. At the same time, a trainer will work on establishing a proper structure where the dog recognizes that its role falls below that of the owner.

Are you looking to adopt a rescue pup from a shelter in Northern Virginia? Contact Off Leash K9 Training today for basic obedience, aggression, and confidence-building training once you have your dog. The last thing you want is to adopt a dog with many issues, like aggression. Through Off Leash K9 Training, we can help you have a dog who obeys basic commands and is more confident and calm in weeks.

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